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Rent from New Media Hollywood!
 We can supply you with a wide variety of complete systems, storage and peripheral equipment to make sure you get your work done, and at a fraction of the cost of buying a new system.
 Consider this complete Uncompressed HD editing solution:
 - 2.8GHz Mac Pro (8-core)
 - 2 x 23” Displays
 - 3rd 23” display w/HD link for HD monitoring
 - Kona card, speakers, mixer, etc.
 - Final Cut Studio and Adobe Production Premium
 - 3TB of uncompressed HD-capable storage
 A solution that would cost you almost $20,000, you get for $1,000 with delivery/pick-up, support and parts replacement!
 That is the type of deal that cuts costs and adds profit to your jobs. When you can’t buy, think rent!
 Need something different? We can customize a solution for your needs:
 - Offline editing solution
 - Graphics/3D workstation
 - SAN or NAS storage solutions
 - Decks
 Call us at 323-957-5000 or e-mail us to get a customized quote.

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