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32TB Rackmount RAID

w/ PCI-e Host Adapter & Cable


Finding quality solutions at affordable prices is one of our passions and we have come up with another great offering for post-production professionals.  32TB of storage for less than $10K!  This complete storage solution provides a lot of storage with excellent speed and RAID data protection.

  • Direct attached storage - AJA speed tests have the NearDrive 32e performing with a minimum of 500MB/sec read and 400MB/sec write -- that's multiple streams of uncompressed HD!

  • Network attached storage - The ND32e goes right into your rack and won't be a bottleneck for your office.

  • Online Archive - HD media is filling up everyone's storage pool, so create an archive volume for those projects you may need to access occasionally but not critical for your daily work. (For our total archive solution that includes Retrospect, installation and first 30 days of on-site support - only $999 more!)

Promise 12TB Storage for only $1,499?!        

Wow, is storage getting cheap. We've partnered with Promise (Apple’s preferred storage manufacturer) and Hitachi to offer an 8TB RAID protected array that provides an excellent, inexpensive storage pool.

We have tested the unit in our lab for any compatibility issues. Whether it is Mac or Windows (including XP 64-bit, Vista, or Win 7), set-up is incredibly easy (also works with Time Machine). It looks good and keeps quiet, so you can keep it right next to your workstation. Its compact design also fits easily on a rack shelf - connect to your server as a quick and reliable daily back-up.

Need data protection? This unit offers RAID 0, 1, 5 options.

Connect by FW400, FW800, USB 2.0 or eSATA: all cables included.

Linux based NAS configuration available for $150 additional.

Fast enough for ProRes HQ playback...
Large enough to fit your projects or back them up...
and Cheap enough for you to buy us all a round of golf!

32TB 4G FC - $14,999  

This Infortrend SAN-ready subsystem combines cost-effective SATA drives in a high availability 4G FC array. Post Production managers will find it is an easy-to-use and easy to maintain storage solution for their DAS, Fibre Channel SAN and clustered servers or any application requiring dedicated bandwidth.

  • Two (2) FC-4G host channels; transfer rate up to 400MBps per channel
  • Sustained RAID5 Read/Write at 658/460 MB/sec.
  • Sustained RAID6 Read/Write at 651/411 MB/sec.
  • Embedded RAIDWatch software for effortless RAID management

For more information: e-mail us (sales@nmh.com)

or call us at 323-957-5000.



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